A disruptive glucose biosensor for Type 2 Diabetic patients

The MELLIsense project received a seal of excellence from the European Commission in 2020

Our mission

Radically change the care of Type 2 Diabetic patients with one insulin injection per day

Type 2 Diabetes: poor blood glucose levels

Serious deterioration of their health

380 million people

MELLIsense’s unique combination of sensor measurements associated with Artificial Intelligence smartphone Application delivers clinical expertise of diabetes specialists through personalised analyses and  recommendations to the patient. Patients can do small but valuable changes in their daily lifestyle, making step by step progress…

…for the same price as finger-prick solutions

Our solution

MELLIsense is a comprehensive solution which includes :

  • A fully disposable glucose biosensor specifically designed to be affordable for Type 2 Diabetic patients

  • An applicator comes already assembled to the sensor to easily place it on the patient’s arm

  • A dedicated application on the patient’s smartphone with embedded artificial intelligence diabetes specialist expertise and coaching skills  to support T2D patients’ specific needs

The MELLIsense wearable glucose biosensor offers a seamless sensing solution which frees patients from the burden of daily finger-prick glucose measurements.​


The MELLIsense sensor allows to know what is going on, in terms of glucose levels and physical activity, for each patient every 5 minutes without requesting manual inputs from the user.