A disruptive glucose biosensor for Type 2 Diabetic patients

The MELLIsense project has received an seal of excellence from the European Commission in 2020

Our mission

Radically change the care of Type 2 Diabetic patients with one insulin injection per day

Type 2 Diabetes: poor blood glucose levels

Serious deterioration of their health

380 million people

MELLIsense is the only integrated solution comprising a continuous glucose biosensor and smartphone application specifically designed for Type 2 Diabetic patients. Patients can do small but valuable changes in their daily lifestyle, making step by step progress…

…for the same price as finger-prick solutions

Our solution

MELLIsense is a comprehensive solution which includes :

  • A continuous glucose biosensor (CGM)

  • An activity tracker

  • A software application for smartphone that embeds:

    • Diabetes specialist expertise

    • State of the art therapeutic education for Type 2 Diabetic patients.

The MELLIsense wearable glucose biosensor offers a seamless sensing solution which frees patients from the burden of daily finger-prick glucose measurements.​


MELLIsense combines proprietary algorithms which embed the clinical expertise of diabetes specialists to provide a personalised analysis and recommendations to patients.