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MELLIsim is a start-up created by ValoTec dedicated to putting the MELLIsense solution on the market to address the unmet needs of Type 2 Diabetic (T2D) patients. ValoTec was created in 2005 and is one of the most active companies in R&D in the medical devices industry in France since then. The ValoTec team has successfully developed for its clients more than 30 medical devices to support practitioners and patients through cutting-edge research that transforms innovative ideas from research laboratories into marketable products.

Since 2015, ValoTec has been working with one of the best-in class research laboratories in electrochemical biosensors to develop an innovative sensing solution specifically designed for these patients.

After four years of technology maturation, the MELLIsim company was created to bring to the market the MELLIsense solution.

With the support of patient associations and renowned hospitals in France, Switzerland, England and Canada, MELLIsim dedicated team is ready to bring to this very competitive market the European disruptive solution that patients have been waiting for.

Our Mission


MELLIsim's mission is to provide an effective solution for the care of Type 2 Diabetic (T2D) patients. Diabetes is a serious condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. There are several types of diabetes, mostly Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetic (T1D) patients need several insulin doses per day as soon as they are diagnosed. T2D is far more common than T1D: 90% of all adults with diabetes have type 2. One adult out of twelve is affected by T2D.

T2D patients are usually diagnosed in their forties and most of them will experience a deterioration in their condition throughout their lifetime as they usually fail to reach normal glycemic control. When T2D patients are diagnosed, they are initially treated with oral antidiabetic medication and later with one insulin injection per day. It usually gets worse over time and T2D patients will eventually require several insulin injections per day like T1D patients.

​​In 2017, 425 million people suffered from diabetes. This number is expected to increase by 50% in 2045. 90% of these patients are Type 2 patients. Approximately 11% of them do not reach adequate glycemic control using oral medications alone, and receive one injection of insulin per day. Despite the insulin treatment, 70% of them still fail to reach adequate  glycemic control, which means 33 million patients worldwide are still in crucial need of new solutions.

Our mission is to radically change the care of diabetic patients with one insulin injection per day.


Our Solution

MELLIsense is a comprehensive solution which includes :

  • A continuous glucose biosensor

  • An activity tracker

  • A software application for smartphone that embeds:

    • Diabetes specialist expertise

    • State of the art therapeutic education for T2D patients.

The MELLIsense wearable glucose biosensor offers a seamless sensing solution which frees patients from the burden of daily finger-prick glucose measurements.

When combined with proprietary algorithms which embed the clinical expertise of diabetes specialists, this allows MELLIsense to provide a personalised analysis and recommendations to patients.

The use of IT allows patients to leverage the best clinical practices including a personal diabetes coach available anywhere and anytime. The disruptive combination of hardware and software creates a scalable solution to engage patients and provide insightful guidance.

MELLIsense is the only integrated solution with a sensor and application specifically designed for Type 2 Diabetic patients. Patients can do small but valuable changes in their daily lifestyle, making step by step progress…

…for the same price as finger-prick solutions


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