ValoTec is a spin-off SATIE, the major laboratory in electrical engineering in the Paris Area Region. Since 2005, ValoTec has been working with the best-in class research laboratories to develop medical devices. ValoTec has successfully developed for clients more than 30 medical devices in 14 years allowing them to support healthcare professionals and patients through cutting-edge research that transforms innovative ideas into marketable products.

ValoTec is one of two companies in France certified by Bpifrance for medical device development and is one of the few companies to cover in Europe :

  • R&D

  • Pre-series manufacturing

  • Regulatory

  • Market access

  • Clinical strategies

ValoTec is ISO13485 certified since 2012. The ValoTec team includes more than 30 engineers and PhDs specialized in sensor, signal processing, electronics, mobile app software, Internet of Things, data science, psychology, regulatory…

In 2015 ValoTec started discussions with two research teams from the University of Paris and the University of Paris-Saclay to leverage the potential of disruptive glucose biosensor technologies. That was the start of the MELLIsim project.

Our solution


In 2017, 425 million people suffered from diabetes. This number is expected to increase by 50% in 2045. 90% of these patients are Type 2 patients. Approximately 11% of them,despite oral medications, do not reach adequate glycemic control and receive one injection of insulin per day. 


Despite this Insulin treatment, 70% of them still fail to reach adequate  glycemic control, representing 33 million patients worldwide in crucial need of new solutions. Our innovation radically changes the care of these patients with one insulin injection per day.

Nowadays, finger prick glucose level measurements don't provide patients with insights about their overall health. With limited knowledge on what to do to improve their health, they lose their motivation to try to make it better.

MELLIsim is a comprehensive solution that includes :

  • Continuous glucose biosensor

  • Activity tracker

  • Software application for smartphone that embeds:

    • Diabetes specialist expertise

    • State of the art therapeutic education for T2D patients.

MELLIsim glucose biosensor frees the patients from burden of multiple finger-prick measurements thanks to a seamless sensing solution.

The MELLIsim medical device replaces multiple daily finger-prick measurements by a wearable biosensor and complete two appointments a year with a diabetes specialist with an integrated care proprietary software application available on smartphones.

MELLsim radically changes and correct the current status of poorly controlled Type 2 Diabetic patients with one insulin injection per day. It is the most ground-breaking change in the last 20 years for these patients, representing a huge medical and societal impacts.

The unique combination of measurements with embedded clinical expertise of diabetes specialists provides personalized analyses and recommendations to the patient.


Measurements allow deep knowledge of the patient situation and are processed by proprietary algorithms.

Value Proposition

Validated embedded therapeutic education techniques highly motivate and engage the patient in his daily treatment.

The use of IT allows patients to leverage the best clinical practices including a personal diabetes coach available anywhere and at any time.

The disruptive combination of hardware and software scalable solutions provide insightful guidance and engagement at the same price as the current practice using finger prick glycemia measurments, thereby allowing MELLIsim adoption by a large population of patients.

Financial Projection


By the end of 2019, ValoTec will have invested 3.4M€ in the MELLIsim project since 2016. An additional 9M€ will be needed to obtain MELLIsim’s CE-marking at the beginning of 2023. Among these 9M€, 3.5M€ have already been secured by ValoTec.

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